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Dog Sledding in Northwest Michigan

Celebrate the winter season with your family by going on a memorable dog sled ride.

Dog Sledding at Schuss Mountain

Second Chance Mushers will be at Schuss Mountain for dog sled rides! Travel along the landscape of Schuss Mountain's golf course with majestic views of Schuss Mountain. Each dogsled experience is approximately 20 minutes long, which includes a meet and greet with the dogs, photo opportunities and an approximately 1-mile long dog sled ride.

Cost: $70/ride


  • Ride options include 1 adult, 1 adult and 1 child, or 2 children

  • Maximum weight of 200lbs.

  • Rides are trail conditions dependent.


  • Thursdays & Fridays beginning Dec 22: 3-6pm

  • Saturdays beginning January 7: 3-6pm

  • Sundays: 10am-1pm

  • Holiday Week (Daily Dec 26-Dec 31): 3-6pm

  • MLK/Presidents' Weekend Mondays: 10am-1pm

Click here for more information about Second Chance Mushers, a team of rescued dogs who enjoy a second chance at life.


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